Career Path Training

May 1992: Roadmaster Drivers School opened its first school at the Florida State Fairgrounds location in Tampa, Florida. During its first year of operation, the Company obtained a license to perform as a Third Party Commercial Driver Licensing Examiner for the State of Florida. Focusing on maintaining high education and placement standards, the school gained a national reputation in the trucking industry for quality training of entry-level commercial truck drivers.

March 1995: Career Path Training Corp, a Florida Corporation was formed as the parent company to reflect the Company's educational programs and business focus.

October 1995: Roadmaster Drivers School began evaluating sites for a second school. After conducting various demographic studies, Columbus, Ohio was chosen as the location of the company's second school.

November 1997: Career Path continued its expansion efforts for Roadmaster and opened a training school in Jacksonville, Florida.

December 1997: Central Florida Institute (CFI) is purchased to provide educational training to students in the medical and dental field.

November 1999: Diesel Institute of America was purchased in Tampa, Florida. Along with providing educational training and Commercial Drivers License testing, Diesel Institute will provide training of automotive and diesel technicians.

March 2001: Career Path began operating under contract with ComCar Industries, Inc. to manage and operate their truck driver training facility in Auburndale, Florida.

July 2002: Roadmaster Drivers School of Salt Lake City, Inc. began to offer its first classes.

September 2002: Roadmaster Drivers School of San Antonio, Inc. began school operations.

November 2002: A branch of Central Florida Institute in Orlando, Florida was opened. This new campus began enrolling students in the first quarter of 2003.

June 2003: The Call Center was developed to follow-up on inquiries desiring training who live throughout the United States.

September 2004: Roadmaster Drivers School became a training partner with Mid South Community College and opened a commercial truck driver program on the campus in West Memphis, Arkansas.

October 2005: Roadmaster Drivers School opened a commercial truck driver program in Columbus, Indiana. The school was relocated to Indianapolis in January 2007.

August 2007: Roadmaster Drivers School acquired Interstate Driving Academy in Dunn, North Carolina.

March 2009: Roadmaster Drivers School opened school locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

December 2009: Roadmaster Drivers School opened its first school location in California in the city of Fontana.

November 2010: Advance Training Systems LLC a consortium of expert organizations developed an advanced training system and simulator beginning in October of 2008. ATS sells its first group of simulators to the industry.

January 2011: Roadmaster Drivers School opened its first school location in Tennessee in Chattanooga

March 2011: eTREAD, the online version of classroom training is made available online for students.